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Reigns: Three Kingdoms Launches on PC & Switch Later This Week

The fifth installment of the multi-million-downloaded Reigns franchise, Reigns: Three Kingdoms, is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC on Thursday, January 11, 2024.

New fans of the series or returning players will be happy to discover that Reigns: Three Kingdoms not only further explores the principles of previous Reigns games but also does so by creating a unique battling system. Alongside this is the ability to explore numerous factions, wars, and heroes, negotiate with rivals, strengthen alliances, convert enemies, and recruit soldiers to fight. This new system allows players to discover the core concept of the Reigns games in a new dimension.

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What is Reigns: Three Kingdoms?

Reigns: Three Kingdoms is a strategic turned-based card-battle game inspired by Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a beloved classic Chinese epic. Players will be thrown into the final years of the Han dynasty, beginning as a beggar. The goal of the game is to develop your political progress as you climb the social ladder. Eventually, players will find themselves ruling one of the fourteen regions of China. However, it’s only a matter of time until the power of the Emperor disintegrates, and your time to strike arises.

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In the new battling system, players can take on the AI or go online in asynchronous PvP. Additionally, players can take their recruits into online-ranked card battles. Players will be required to unify the many warring factions around China while uncovering many secrets in the process. However, an alarming twist will require players to race against time itself. Therefore, players must discover and try to understand the consequences of their actions in relation to history.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms is a unique narrative adventure told explicitly through players encountering hundreds of characters and over a thousand card permutations. Due to the number of quest arcs, high-stake decisions, heroes to recruit, people to wed, children to raise, and more, Reigns: Three Kingdoms brings a unique experience for players to enjoy while building their own dynasty. Below, you’ll find the trailer for Reigns: Three Kingdoms.

Reign: Three Kingdoms Trailer

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