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Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh: Update Details and Release Date

Cult of the Lamb, the create-your-own cult simulator game, is happy to announce the latest free update, Sins of the Flesh.

Sins of the Flesh is a free content update that launches on January 16, 2024, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It will be Cult of the Lamb’s most extensive update yet, and there’s a pool of content for players to get their hands on to benefit their cult further. Alongside this update, Cult of the Lamb will have a weeklong 40% discount from January 16 to 23, allowing more cult members to begin praising the lamb.

What is Included in The Sins Of The Flesh Update for Cult of the Lamb?

The free Sins of the Flesh update will tremendously expand Cult of the Lamb. Players can expect a large amount of content to be added, such as new quests, features, improvements, and a new resource that cult leaders, who are prepared to yield the Sins of the Flesh, can take advantage of. Below, we outline what you can expect from the new update.

Sins and Disciples

Sins of the Flesh brings in a new progression system that adds exceedingly more depth and complexity to managing the Cult of the Lamb. As players follow the sinful path, the followers of the lamb will indulge in gluttonous rituals, vain buildings, and wrathful doctrines. Players will also have the opportunity to invite their most loyal Followers into the inner circle of Disciples, a revamped leveling system for Follower progression.

Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh Trailer Screenshot
Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh Trailer Screenshot

Better Cult Life

To improve your Cult’s lives, shiny poop, baneful brooms, and larger buildings will be included in Sins of the Flesh. These additions will help players tremendously, as shiny poop has special effects, such as yielding fruitful crops and adding XP to your trusty broom. This also includes leveling up your broom, making chores faster and more effective. There will also be a new tier for the Janitor Station and Storage Structures so Followers can take better care of themselves.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh will also give players access to the new Blunderbuss weapon. This gun will fire considerable damage at close range, bringing in another combat playstyle for players to enjoy during their crusades. Along with the Blunderbuss being a powerful weapon, when charged, players can use a heavy attack, which can snipe enemies from a distance.

Outfits, Options, and Offspring!

With 23 different styles to choose from, Sins of the Flesh also allows Followers to wear their own outfits. Additionally, your followers can now produce offspring. When two Followers love each other very much, they may find an egg to nurture. Once hatched and cared for, the offspring will be ready to pledge allegiance to the cult.

The Sins of the Flesh update arrives with milestone news that Cult of the Lamb has sold over 3.5 million copies since its launch. Not bad for a game where you can become a bloodthirsty dictator. If you’d like more information on Cult of the Lamb, feel free to check out our Game Guide Hub.

Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh Trailer Screenshot