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Pull Off Thrilling Heists In The Upcoming Cyberpunk RPG, HeistGeist

Developer Doublequote Studio has announced a story-driven RPG set in a cyberpunk version of Central Europe titled HeistGeist.

If you’re a fan of cyberpunk experiences – fortunately, no we don’t mean that trainwreck – and the wonderful continent of Europe, then you’re in for a treat with HeistGeist. This cleverly named video game is the latest title from the developers of the awarding-winning indie RPG, Blood Will Be Spilled. With the genre in dire need of a fresh new experience, it seems like this indie gem may be just the ticket fans have been looking for.

You can check out the game’s reveal trailer here.

What Is HeistGeist?

HeistGeist is a cyberpunk RPG with card-based battles and stealth elements. This story-focused adventure sees you play as a thief named Alexandra who was double-crossed and must go on the run after a job goes horribly wrong. Now having to hide from her resentful client and some shady corporate assassins, she gathers a team and information as she prepares for her biggest heist yet. If that doesn’t sound blood-pumpingly exciting, then frankly we don’t know what does. You’ll be fighting guards and various other enemies with your deck of abilities and solving card-based puzzles in the cyberverse. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a cyberpunk game without a little hacking. Here’s a handy breakdown of some of what you can expect in this neon-lit RPG:

  • Explore a cyberpunk world based on real locations in Central Europe
  • Pull off some of the toughest heists with thrilling choices and devastating consequences
  • Engross yourself in the twists and turns of its fully voice-acted narrative
  • Kit your deck out with lots of awesome abilities
  • Fight enemies in challenging card-based battles
  • Hack into cyberspace with unique card-based hacking mechanics
Image Credit – Doublequote Studio

Release Date

HeistGeist will launch in 2023 for the Nintendo Switch and Steam. If you want to know more about the game then head on over to its Steam store page. You can also wishlist it while you’re there to be notified of any future updates.