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Psychological Horror Game, Martha Is Dead, Is Getting a Movie Adaptation

Martha Is Dead, the critically acclaimed horror game from developer LKA, is being adapted into a movie. Here are all the details.

The movie business seems to be shifting from superheroes to video games, as the video game adaptation market is ever-growing. While the likes of the Super Mario Bros Movie and Uncharted make sense, many may not have anticipated the indie horror game Martha Is Dead to receive the same adaptation treatment. Yet, here we are, with publisher Wired Productions announcing the game is being adapted into a feature film. Below are all of the details, including who’s directing and writing.

Martha Is Dead Is Being Adapted Into a Movie

The critically acclaimed psychological horror game Martha Is Dead is the next in the long line of video games to get its own movie adaptation. The production is being made by Swedish film-production company Studios Extraordinaires in collaboration with the game’s developer, LKA, and publisher, Wired Productions. It will aim to adapt the game’s already incredibly cinematic story closely. It follows Giulia, a young woman who finds herself in the middle of a haunting mystery following the death of her twin sister, Martha, in the wake of World War 2.

According to Luca Dalcò, the Founder and Director of LKA as well as the original writer and designer of Martha Is Dead, the game’s story “was meticulously planned, visualized, and even shaped with a cinematic quality in mind.” He said that adapting Martha Is Dead into a film “is a dream come true.”

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The film will be directed by co-directors André Hedetoft and Andreas Troedsson and written by Hedetoft. Troedsson is also attached as the film’s cinematographer. The duo founded Studios Extraordinaires, which is also working on an adaptation of the sci-fi game Fort Solis. According to the press release, the film is “being shaped in close collaboration with Luca Dalcò.” Naturally, this is promising for fans of the game who will want its spirit kept intact

There is currently no word on a release date, but it seems like production is in its early stages. Of course, until more info is announced, you can check out our review of Martha Is Dead.

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