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Doom-Esque Shooter, Project Warlock, is Getting a Physical Release

Developers Buckshot Software and publishers Crunching Koalas are partnering with Super Rare Games to bring their game, Project Warlock, its very own physical release.

The action-packed DOOM-like shooter is getting a physical release for the Nintendo Switch, but you better have your fingers on your buzzers, as only 4’000 copies will ever be printed. Included in this lavish package are all the bells and whistles you’d expect. There’s all the game’s content-packed neatly into a cartridge, a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards that are selected randomly from the five-card set.

If you’re not entirely sure what Project Warlock is, or if you should even be putting money down for a physical copy, then wonder no more! Project Warlock is a fast-paced FPS inspired by the likes of classic DOOM and Wolfenstein. It features 60 levels across five settings such as the sands of Egypt and medieval castles’ courts and graveyards, 50 worlds, 72 enemies (like the flying demon or the five-storey robots!), and 38 weapons. Now that’s a lot of content!

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Image Credit – Buckshot Software

You explore each level, discovering its wonderful world and many secrets, face off against mega bosses in vast final arenas to progress to the next level, assign upgrade points and perks to your favourite skills between each level, and develop and upgrade spells and weapons.

If this sounds like your kind of game (and how could it not!), then make sure to head over to Super Rare Games website where this physical edition is being sold exclusively! It goes on sale on January the 28th at 6 pm GMT (10 am PT/1 pm ET) for £32.40.

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