Pokemon Go Routes Changes

Pokemon Go Updates Routes Feature After Poor Reception

Pokemon Go has recently introduced a new Routes feature, which hasn’t had the most positive reception from fans.

Routes, in Pokemon Go, are predefined paths that trainers can follow to find Pokemon and receive rewards. However, after an abundance of issues and user backlash when locating routes and receiving rewards, Niantic has made some positive changes for the feature’s longevity.

Route Updates and Changes

The new Routes system has generated a mixed range of opinions among Pokemon Go players. Many players have expressed their frustration and disappointment on Reddit and other forums, mostly due to the lack of Routes available to players.

Fortunately, Niantic aims to fix exactly that in the latest update. Here are all the current changes:

  • Increased Route availability across the globe.
  • A lower-level requirement for Trainers to create Routes.
  • Several quality-of-life improvements, including seeing more Routes listed in the Nearby menu, directional arrows on Routes, and a running count of the Zygarde Cells you’ve collected in the Zygarde Cube details.
Pokemon Go Routes Examples

Future Updates Coming to Routes

On top of the current changes, Niantic also confirmed that Pokemon Go players can expect further changes in the future. Here is what they can look forward towards:

  • More Trainers will be able to create Routes.
  • Trainers will be able to find Zygarde Cells more often while exploring Routes.
  • A new notification will be available to inform Trainers when there are Routes nearby.
  • Various quality of life improvements.

That’s everything you need to know about the Routes updates and changes. Have you used Routes in Pokemon Go? Make sure you check out our Guide hub for more articles and guides on Pokemon Go.


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