Shadowbeak from Palworld

Palworld: Where to Find & Catch Shadowbeak

Players encounter Shadowbeak late into Palworld. Those intrigued to catch one are in luck, as we have you covered on how.

Every Pal in Palworld is unique and can be collected and assigned different roles within the game. One such Pal, Shadowbeak, is striking visually and very powerful. Naturally, upon seeing it for the first time, many want to know where they can get their own. Whether you want to catch Shadowbeak for bragging rights or even to make it a gatherer in your camp, we have the details below on where and how to catch one.

Shadowbeak Location in Palworld

Shadowbeak can be found in the Wildlife Sanctuary No.3 island northeast of the Deep Sand Dunes fast-travel point. The island looks like a sun and can be found in the top right of the map. It can be quite a journey to make it there, so make sure to head to the fast-travel point first. You can see the exact location of Shadowbeak in the image below:

Shadowbeak Palworld map
Shadowbeak location in Palworld

Shadowbeak is an incredibly tough Pal, so it’s important to come prepared. Below is a list of everything you’ll need to catch a Shadowbeak:

  • Dragon-Type Pals
    • As Shadowbeak is weak to Dragons, it is best to bring a Dragon Pal such as Jetrago, Dinossum, Chillet, or Elphidran.
  • Ultra & Legendary Spheres
    • As Shadowbeak is a high-level Pal, only the best types of Spheres will guarantee you can catch one. So ensure you are stocked up on either Ultra of Legendary Spheres. While Legendary is preferred, you can catch a Shadowbeak with Ultra Pal Spheres. Just make sure to bring as many as you can.
  • Ranged Weapons
    • Keeping your distance from the Shadowbeak to avoid most attacks while dealing damage and staying alive is the best strategy. Bring an Assault Rifle or Single-Shot Rifle if you have one available.
  • High Player Level
    • Because players encounter a Shadowbeak so late into the game, it will be a very high level. It is recommended that players are around Level 44 to be just above Shadowbeak’s average level.
Shadowbeak Shot
Image Credit – Dexerto

What Does Shadowbeak Do in Palworld?

Shadowbeak specializes in searching for and gathering food for the player’s camp. However, its best use is as a fighter in your team. This is because, while it is helpful in finding food while you explore, it is only a level 1 gatherer. Nevertheless, if you do want to put Shadowbeak in your base, you can rely on it to gather food and other useful items for you.

Once you have added a Shadowbeak to your Paldeck, there is still plenty to do in Palworld. So, for more guides like this, make sure to head to our Guide Hub.


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