The meat cleaver in Palworld

Palworld: How to Butcher Pals

If you fancy chopping up your Pals into little bits for a handful of resources in Palworld, then you may want to consider butchering them.

Palworld is often referred to as Pokemon with guns, implying it’s a slightly more mature version of the kid-friendly game. Of course, what many tend to omit is that while you can give your Pals guns and force them into slave labor, you can also chop them up, something fortunately left out of Pokemon. If you’re keen on butchering your Pals or simply want to know what the fuss is all about, you’re in luck. We’ve got you covered in the guide below.

How to Butcher in Palworld

To butcher a Pal in Palworld, you need to equip the Meat Cleaver, then summon a Pal, open the command wheel, and select Butcher. The Pal will be killed, giving you valuable resources and permanently removing that Pal from the game. To unlock the Meat Cleaver, you need to reach Technology Level 12 and purchase it. It costs five Ingots20 Wood, and five Stone to craft. Below are the exact steps on how to butcher in Palworld:

  • Unlock the Meat Cleaver
  • Summon any Pal
  • Equip the Meat Cleaver
  • Open the command wheel
    • Hold down 4 on PC
    • Hold down right thumbstick on Xbox
  • Select Butcher from the commands
Palworld command wheel showing the option to butcher
Image Credit – Game Leap

What Happens if You Butcher a Pal in Palworld?

Butchering a Pal in Palworld will kill it, removing it from the game completely. The act of butchering it will be blurry, but you will still hear the Pal being chopped up. Butchered Pals will drop loot, guaranteeing you several resources you may not be able to get from simply catching or knocking out a Pal normally. It’s important to note that butchering Pals is illegal in Palworld and will get you a Wanted rating if you’re caught doing it. Make sure to do it in a secluded location away from prying eyes, such as back at your base.

That’s everything you need to know about butchering Pals in Palworld. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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