Very Very Valet Nintendo Switch The Game Crater

Overcooked! Meets the Muppets in Very Very Valet, Coming this Month

The hilarious couch co-op game, Very Very Valet, is parking itself on the Nintendo Switch this May 25, with pre-orders available now.

From the Publisher, Nighthawk Interactive, and developer, Toyful Games, Very Very Valet forces people to work together to handle a severe parking shortage at a valet station. If you have played any game from the Overcooked! series, you know how well it will play out.

If you can’t wait and want to get your hands on some gameplay, you can check out the demo on the Nintendo eShop. It will be released on May 6 and can be found here.

Very Very Valet Nintendo Switch The Game Crater
In-game Screenshot

What is Very Very Valet?

In Very Very Valet, Up to four players will take control of an extremely talented team of puppet valets, reminiscent of another popular brand of puppets from the 20th century. Players must work together to overcome all of the challenges that come with managing a valet. This includes parking the car inside a dedicated zone and running over civilians. In doing so, teams will save the world from the severe parking crisis.

The chaotic gameplay in Very Very Valet features:

  • One to Four player Couch Co-Op
  • Work with your team to solve the severe parking shortage, or alternatively, you can cause chaos by launching your friends across the map.
  • Accessible driving controls with no license required to drive the cars.
  • Hidden techniques to master the valet market.
  • Adopt a “park it anywhere” mentality. As long as you park it in the zone, you’re good to go.
  • Navigate through numerous parking obstacles that get in their way
  • Over 20 unique levels, such as city streets, cliffsides, bowling alleys, airports, and even trainyards.
  • Join the “Elite” squad and become a Very Very Valet.

Very Very Valet releases globally on May 25, 2021. Preorders are now also open in stores and on the Nintendo eShop.