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Outcast: A New Beginning: Does the New Zealand Trick Work?

Players want to jump into Outcast: A New Beginning with the New Zealand trick as soon as possible. We have the details on if it works.

Outcast: A New Beginning features the return of space hero Cutter Slade in a new adventure after almost 20 years. The long-awaited sequel launches on Friday, March 15, 2024, and many want to jump on it early. One way of doing this is by using the New Zealand trick. This sees players switching regions to New Zealand to play the game ahead of its release in their area. Below, we explain whether the New Zealand trick can be used with Outcast: A New Beginning.

Does the New Zealand Trick Work With Outcast: A New Beginning?

Unfortunately, the New Zealand trick does not work for Outcast: A New Beginning. The game is launching across the world at the same time. This is at 7 am PST/10 am EST/ 3 pm GMT/ 1 am AEDT (March 16). This means that changing the region time to New Zealand won’t work, as the game will be unlocking for everyone simultaneously.

While the official release time has not been confirmed by THQ Nordic, the information can be found on the Outcast: A New Beginning’s official PlayStation store page. As the title is a single-player game, it makes sense to release it simultaneously to stop players from spoiling essential story details, including the game’s ending. This isn’t the first time THQ Nordic has done a concurrent game launch, as it was done for their APRG title, Biomutant, in 2021.

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Although the New Zealand trick does not work for Outcast: A New Beginning, those who pre-order can play the game right at launch by pre-loading it. Therefore, instead of waiting for the game to fully download on March 15 and missing those early hours of playing, you can be ready to go at its global launch with other players and experience the next chapter in Cutter Slade’s adventures on Adelpha. Additionally, players wanting to try Outcast: A New Beginning can check out a playable demo on their platform’s storefront.

That is everything to know about if the New Zealand trick works for Outcast: A New Beginning. For more guides like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.


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