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Only 1% of Steam Players Have Completed Call of Duty: MW3’s Campaign

According to Steam achievements, only 1% of players have completed the Call of Duty: MW3 campaign on any difficulty.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has not gotten off to a good start, with reviewers calling its campaign one of the worst in the series’ history. It seems like fans are agreeing, too, as achievement trackers are showing that not many players have bothered to even see it to its end. Below, we explain exactly what’s going on and why players aren’t beating MW3’s campaign.

How Many Players Have Completed the MW3 Campaign?

Only 1.1% of players have completed the MW3 campaign on Steam. This is according to the official Steam achievements, which lists owners of the very easy-to-achieve Never Bury Your Enemies Alive achievement at 1.1%. All you need to do to get it is beat the extremely short campaign, but apparently, owners of MW3 on Steam don’t want to.

Of course, it’s important to note that people who currently own the game on Steam aren’t indicative of the entire player base. Currently, it’ll only be those who pre-ordered the game to get early access to the campaign. Additionally, this isn’t particularly uncommon with COD campaigns, as only 9.7% of Steam players got the Time for Pints achievement for MW2, which you get for beating its campaign.

Steam achievements page for MW3
The official Steam achievements page. Note, it collects MW2 (green) and MW3 (red) achievements together.

Additionally, only 1.9% of players have completed the campaign on PS5 and 7% on Xbox. Evidently, regardless of platform, players are not enjoying the campaign enough to complete it. Of course, if you want to try your hand at beating the campaign, then check out our Games Hub for all our guides.

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