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How Long to Beat MW3 Campaign

The MW3 campaign tasks players with a globe-trotting mission to stop Makarov from igniting a war, but how long does it take to beat?

The new Call of Duty: MW3 features over 14 missions that traverse the globe. However, even with the length of missions, many are rather disappointed with how long it takes to complete the entire story of the game. Below, we have all the details on how long players can expect to be experiencing the MW3 campaign.

How Long Does It Take to Beat MW3 Campaign?

It takes an average of 4 hours to beat the story narrative of MW3. However, playing on harder difficulties such as Veteran will take you up to 7 hours. The run time is incredibly short, making it one of the shortest campaigns in the franchise.

MW3’s campaign’s gameplay is divided into both the classic linear missions of the series and the new open-combat missions, which allow players to complete the mission tasks in an explorable environment. Players can choose different loadout setups to suit their gameplay and discover and unlock new weapons to use in the missions.

Ghost MW3 Campaign

When comparing the game’s length to its predecessors, it is quite a letdown. For example, the Black Ops 3 campaign took players around 9 hours to beat, and MW2 (2022) 8. Although, in recent years, the Call of Duty titles have had their campaigns take a back seat to their multiplayer modes, for some players it is a shame to see how short MW3’s narrative is.

That’s all of the details on the length of the MW3 campaign. Those looking for more information on the game, including the review of the campaign, can check out our Game Guide Hub here.