Campsite in Once Human (Source: Game Crater)

Once Human: How to Place a Campsite

While building a Campsite is one of the first things you learn in Once Human, it’s easy to forget how to do it.

Once Human has players traversing a tremendous open world, and in your travels, you must look after your well-being. Qualities such as hunger and thirst must be taken care of to ensure your character is in its best shape. Setting up a Campsite helps to alleviate and manage these factors in Once Human. Luckily, in the guide below, we provide the knowledge on how to place a Campsite in the game to keep you surviving in the world of Once Human.

How to Place a Campsite in Once Human

To place a Campsite in Once Human, it must first be crafted by having 10 Wood and 10 Gravel. Once you have the materials, open the Camp menu with the “T” key on your keyboard. Navigate to the Campsite option, select it, and place it anywhere on a flat surface.

The process of building and placing a Campsite is very straightforward. It allows players to have a place to rest and manage their character’s wellness qualities. Furthermore, finding the resources to craft it is easy as players can do the following to achieve the materials:

  • Wood: Gathered by harvesting Trees, either barehanded or with a Pickaxe tool. Even the basic Crude Pickaxe can acquire Wood.
  • Gravel: Players can find Gravel by harvesting Rocks with their hands or a Pickaxe. The Rocks are abundant throughout the game, so discovering them won’t be a problem.

As previously said, Campsites must be placed on flat ground to be built. It is best to construct your Campsite in an open area, preferably on grass, to ensure you have flat ground and a clear view of anything around you. Keeping a lookout on your Campsite from many directions can offer the best means of defending yourself from any danger lurking around.

Campsite Once Human Crafting
Campsite Once Human Crafting (Source: Game Crater)

Can You Move Your Campsite in Once Human?

Unfortunately, you cannot move your Campsite from location to location in Once Human. After it is placed, it stays there. However, players can build another Campsite as long as they currently have the appropriate amount of materials to craft one. Should they want to relocate, players will not be stuck in their own location forever. However, crafting and placing a new Campsite will delete your previous site, as you cannot have multiple Campsites active at once.

When it comes to moving your Campsite, remember to always ensure it is placed in a flat location before beginning to build it. There are many places where they can be placed, but because they function primarily as mobile respawn locations, locations like outside or near boss encounters will significantly relieve players. Losing in a boss battle and having to trek back can be infuriating, but having your Campsite near the boss arena will greatly decrease the time being taken.

That is everything you need to know about how to craft and place a Campsite in Once Human. Having these active is important to your survival, so always make sure to build one and place it when you can. If you found this guide helpful and wish to see more, be sure to visit our Guide Hub here.