No Rest for the Wicked What Is the Max Level Cap?

No Rest for the Wicked: What Is the Max Level Cap?

With No Rest for Wicked’s Early Access release, many players may be wondering about the max level cap at this stage of the game’s development.

As an ARPG and Soulslike hybrid, you’ll be spending much of your time upgrading your gear and leveling your character in No Rest for the Wicked. It features punishingly difficult skills-based combat taken straight out of a Souls game. Every incremental stat upgrade from leveling up and your gear is essential for survival. You’ll need the extra power to fight against the pestilence-infested denizens on the island of Isola Sacra. However, a max level cap will limit how much experience you can earn and how many attribute points you can spend on skills. In Early Access, No Rest for the Wicked has a reasonably high level cap and a maximum amount of attribute points you can spend.

What is the Max Level in No Rest for the Wicked?

The max level cap in No Rest for the Wicked’s Early Access release is 30. This means that no matter how long you continue to play, complete quests, and defeat enemies, you will no longer be able to earn XP, level up, or assign attribute points after you reach level 30. Typically, players find they are completing the game’s Early Access content at around level 15 or so. The Cerim Crucible endgame dungeon also rewards you with items that reach level 21. It is unclear whether or not the level cap will increase after the game comes out of its Early Access period.

Moon Studios confirmed in a No Rest for the Wicked roadmap that more content is on the horizon. In the game’s first major update, they will implement multiplayer and three brand-new zones. In Early Access, each new zone includes difficult enemies and demands that you be at a high enough level. Including new zones suggests that a new level cap could also be on the horizon, as it is more than likely that new difficult enemies will be introduced with future updates.

Combat in No Rest for the Wicked

However, this is just speculation, as Moon Studios has not confirmed anything yet. Despite this, they have said they would like to implement a respec system to the game, which could go hand-in-hand with an increased level cap. They have also expressed interest in implementing additional Cerim Crucible content, suggesting the level cap could be raised to more than 30. However, we won’t know for sure until Moon Studios confirms this in a future update. Until then, head on over to our Guide Hub on the game for more guides like this one.