Can You Respec In No Rest for the Wicked?

If you’re wondering if you can respec in No Rest for the Wicked to change your build on the fly, you may be a little disappointed. However, there may be hope yet.

Most ARPG games, such as Diablo or Path of Exile, allow players to completely respec their characters so that they can play and experiment with different builds. As No Rest for the Wicked is a mashup of ARPG with punishing skills-based Soulslike combat, there’s arguably even more reason to give players the option to respec. Combat is significantly impacted by what weapons you choose to equip and, therefore, what stats you have invested in. It’s important to experiment with different playstyles to see what suits you best and what is the most fun for you to use. Unfortunately, it seems that players will have difficulty experimenting with builds in No Rest for the Wicked, but this may change in the future.

No Rest for the Wicked: Can You Respec Your Character?

No, you can’t currently respec your character in the Early Access version of No Rest for the Wicked. This means the stat upgrades you choose when leveling your character are permanent. This will surely come as a blow to those looking to experiment with different weapons and builds in the game. However, the CEO and Creative Director of Moon Studios, Thomas Mahler, mentioned on Discord that they are looking to incorporate a respec mechanic in the near future. Here’s what he had to say: “We will give players a way to stat respec soonish – but it won’t be cheap, we want your choices to still matter!”

No Rest for the Wicked character being captured

Mahler’s comment doesn’t give a fixed window for when to expect the respec mechanic but suggests it will be coming “soonish” to No Rest for the Wicked. He also implies that it won’t be easy to respec your character. This adds weight to your build choices and encourages you to make more measured decisions when leveling. We expect there will be some rare or expensive consumables involved in respeccing as it is for games such as Diablo or Elden Ring. Hopefully, players won’t have to wait too long for this much-requested feature to come to the game. Until then, check out our Guide Hub here for more guides just like this one.