No Rest for the Wicked How to Switch Weapons

No Rest for the Wicked: How to Switch Weapons

Did you know you can switch weapons during combat in No Rest for the Wicked? Read on to find out how to unlock this incredibly useful feature!

As a loot-based ARPG with tough-as-nails Soulslike combat thrown in, No Rest for the Wicked has an impressive number of weapons to play around with. Each weapon type has a distinct set of moves to get used to and is useful in different situations. For example, a two-handed Claymore deals massive damage in huge sweeping arcs, while Daggers allow you to deal fast, devastating combos while up close and personal. Ranged weapons, such as the Bow or Staff, will enable you to deal damage at a safe distance. At the beginning of the game, the only way to switch between weapons would be to head into your inventory mid-fight and swap out your gear. While doable, the process is cumbersome and interrupts the flow of the game’s brilliant combat. Thankfully, there is a way you can switch your weapons on the fly. We go into how to do it below.

How to Switch Weapons in No Rest for the Wicked

To switch weapons in No Rest for the Wicked, you first need to unlock an extra Mainhand Slot by giving a Plague Ichor to the Watcher in the Rookery in Sacrament. You gain access to the Rookery after completing the Prologue and sleeping for the first time in the city. Immediately after this, you will be able to give a Plague Ichor (you’ll get this after defeating the first boss, Warrick the Torn) to the Watcher in the Rookery in exchange for an upgrade of your choice. If you want to switch weapons during combat, go for the extra Mainhand Slot.

Once you have unlocked the extra Mainhand Slot, you can switch to any weapon you choose while engaged in combat. This will encourage you to change up your play style on the fly, allowing you to quickly respond to a greater variety of situations and enemy types. All you have to do is equip your weapon of choice to the extra Mainhand Slot and hit the following buttons to swap over to it mid-fight:

  • Xbox or PS5 controller: Right on the D-Pad
  • PC: X key
Spending Plague Ichor to unlock a Mainhand Slot in No Rest for the Wicked
Image Credit – Dot Esports

There’s even a third Mainhand Slot you can unlock to increase your arsenal even further. This should give you the ability to equip all the tools you need for any combat scenario. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need a Plague Ichor to give to the Watcher for every Inventory Slot upgrade. These can only be obtained by defeating bosses. That’s all for how to switch weapons in No Rest for the Wicked! For everything else on the game, check out our Guide Hub here.