Nintendo President Confirms Switch 2 Will Be Announced This Fiscal Year

Nintendo President Confirms Switch 2 Will Be Announced “This Fiscal Year”

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be announced within the current fiscal year.

Despite many rumors and leaks, fans finally have more solid news regarding the announcement of the Nintendo Switch 2. After Nintendo Switch’s seven-year reign, fans don’t have too long to wait until they finally see its successor’s unveiling. However, those hoping for an announcement of their next console in the upcoming June Direct may be a little disappointed.

Nintendo Switch 2 Will Be Revealed This Fiscal Year

In a statement released as part of their yearly financial reports, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa revealed on Twitter/X that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will be revealed “within this fiscal year.” This means that Nintendo’s next mainline console (which many are calling the Switch 2) has the potential to be revealed at any point between now and March 2025. That’s when the current fiscal year ends. However, Furukawa also confirmed that there will be Nintendo Direct in June and that the next console will not be announced there. Here is the complete statement from Furukawa on Twitter/X:

The Nintendo Direct in June will only cover the “Nintendo Switch software lineup for the latter half of 2024” according to the statement. So, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a Nintendo Switch 2 reveal prior to this Nintendo Direct. Therefore, we can reasonably assume that the Nintendo Switch 2 won’t be revealed until, at the very least, July.

Recent rumors suggest the Nintendo Switch 2’s launch will be delayed until March 2025. We don’t expect an announcement until much later in 2024. This is surely disappointing news for fans eagerly awaiting Nintendo’s next console. If you want more information on Nintendo’s upcoming Switch successor, check out everything we know about it here. For more guides similar to this, check out our Guide hub.