Nightingale third-person gameplay

Nightingale: Is There a Third-Person Mode?

Nightingale is a first-person game by default, but does that mean there’s no third-person mode? Fortunately, if you love looking at your character’s shoulders, you’re in luck.

Like most good survival games, Nightingale is played from a first-person perspective, allowing players to get up close and personal with every tree and rock they’re about to punch for resources. Of course, while that’s all well and good for the first-person aficionados out there, if you prefer third-person gameplay, you may feel left out. Fortunately, Nightingale has your back.

Is There a Third-Person Mode in Nightingale?

Yes, there is a third-person mode in Nightingale. Players can switch between the default first-person mode and the third-person mode whenever they’d like. Developer Inflexion Games has confirmed this via the Accessibility page on the Nightingale website.

The third-person mode was a heavily requested feature that was not available in the early builds of the game. However, after fans demanded it, Inflexion Games began developing it and, fortunately, added it to the Early Access launch. So, you’ll be able to explore Nightingale’s many procedurally generated worlds from either perspective, allowing you to play and enjoy it the way you want to. You can see the original third-person mode update video below:

That’s everything you need to know about the third-person mode in Nightingale. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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