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Spirited Away Roguelike Nigate Tale Launches Into Early Access Today

Developed by Hermit Games and published by 2P Games, Nigate Tale, the action roguelike dungeon crawler, has finally entered early access and is available for purchase right now.

Nigate Tale was announced a while back and was reported to release sometime in Q2. Well, for those who were eagerly awaiting its launch, the wait is finally over. Entering Steam Early Access today, the roguelike dungeon crawler is finally accessible to players. It is proposed to remain in Early Access for “6 to 12 months”, and Hermit Games have said that they intend to announce the final release date “further down the road”.

What Is Nigate Tale?

Nigate Tale is a roguelike dungeon crawler set in a sprawling castle that is ever-changing. Players will take on the role of Roy a young craftsman displaced in both time and space. Nigate Tale’s narrative is inspired by isekai fantasy stories, which are narrative’s centred around normal humans who are whisked away to fantastical worlds. Think Spirited Away. If you’re interested in knowing more about Nigate Tale, we have previously covered it and went into a little more detail over there. But for those of you strapped for time, here is a list of everything you can expect to see:

  • Experience a dark and mysterious narrative within the depths of the castle
  • Fight against fearsome enemies in fast-paced combat
  • Equip a myriad of weapons, magical powers and a whole slew of skills
  • Make friends with “cute monster ladies” who will offer you their services – fighting by your side of course
  • Craft a whole range of equipment to better arm yourself
  • Explore a visually stunning world inspired by anime
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Release Date & Price

Nigate Tale is available right now over on Steam. It costs $19.99/€16.99/ £15.99, however, this doesn’t include the 15% discount currently on offer to celebrate its release. If you fancy nabbing yourselves a copy, then head on over to its Steam store page. Will you be picking up Nigate Tale? Let us know down in the comments.

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