Anime Rogue-Like Nigate Tale Coming To Steam This Year

Nigate Tale - Feature Image
Nigate Tale Trailer

2P Games and Hermit Games have announced that their upcoming anime-style rogue-like Nigate Tale will be releasing on Steam later this year.

Nigate Tale is an exciting rogue-like dungeon crawler that draws inspiration from Isekai anime. If you don’t know what that is, Isekai anime is a genre that focuses on normal humans who are whisked away to fantastical worlds. Think Spirited Away. Nigate Tale focuses on a young craftsman who is transported to an ever-changing castle who’s labyrinthian walls are filled with all sorts of nefarious beings.

Image Credit – Hermit Games

What is Nigate Tale?

Nigate Tale is a rogue-like which means no run will ever be the same. The castle you inhabit will be constantly shifting, hiding not only the exit but the secrets buried deep within! You’ll have to fight your way through the castle as Roy, a young craftsman displaced in time and space! There’s a whole load on display here, so to make it nice and simple I’ve compiled a list of everything you can expect:

Image Credit – Hermit Games

Release Date & Price

So far there aren’t too many details about Nigate Tale’s release date and price. We know that it will be launching on Steam Early Access in Q2 of 2021. They’ve also assured us that “a date [will] be specified very soon”. If you head on over to Nigate Tale’s Steam store page you can wishlist it to get updated whenever any new information drops. I know I sure will!

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