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Uncover A Dark Mystery In My Father My Son On PC & Console Next Year

My Father My Son, an upcoming puzzle platformer by developer Blinkclick Games has been announced to release for Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.

My Father My Son is an intriguing co-op platformer centred around a father and son who find themselves washed ashore on a mysterious island hunted by an elusive hostile creature lurking in the shadows. Blinkclick Games, a development studio based in Poland, have created the game with both cooperative gameplay and solo gameplay in mind. This means that regardless of whether or not you have friends, you’ll be able to control both characters and complete the game alone or together.

What Is My Father My Son?

My Father My Son is a cooperative platformer that utilises environmental puzzles to progress the player through its narrative. It’s not dissimilar from titles such as Unravel 2 or Georifters in style. Only, this game focuses on a much deeper and more mysterious narrative, with the bond between the widowed father and his son being the key focus of the story. It’s certainly an intriguing-looking title and has the potential to reach the heights of other puzzle platformers such as Little Nightmares and Inside. Here’s everything you can expect when it launches:

  • Play solo by controlling both characters with just one controller, or with a friend via local or online co-op
  • Solve complex environmental puzzles by utilising both of the characters
  • Experience exciting set-pieces
  • Switch the characters between two diverging paths across each level
  • Enjoy the stunning low-poly 2.5D visuals
  • Uncover a mysterious narrative centred around an abandoned island and the creature that haunts it
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Release Date & Price

My Father My Son is releasing on PC sometime next year. There are further plans to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox at a later date. You can head on over to its Steam store page to wishlist the game and receive notifications when they drop. Will you be picking it up when it launches? Let us know in the comments below!

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