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Wacky Platformer Georifters Out Now On PlayStation 4

Taipei-based indie developer Busy Toaster Games, and publisher Leoful have announced their terrain bending adventure, Georifters, is out now for PlayStation 4.

Originally launched on Steam back in May of 2020, Georifters was a platformer with a twist! You must manipulate the very platforms you’re bounding between in order to succeed! Exciting stuff! It’s an extremely novel concept, pulled off really well from the looks of things. And now it’s available for the first time on PlayStation 4 in the Americas, Europe and Asia! It will launch in Japan sometime this year.

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What Is Georifters?

Georifters is a platforming-adventure title all about manipulating the world around you. If you are at an impasse, why not use your multitude of abilities to navigate around it? You can push, flip, twist, and turn the very ground you walk upon in order to overcome the various challenges and battles you’ll encounter across your journey in Georifters! Here’s a list of features you can expect in Georifters:

  • Explore 6 unique worlds, over 30+ levels across 300+ stages! Now that’s a lot of stages!
  • Play in either single-player, cooperative and multiplayer modes with up to three other friends!
  • Utilise the unique ground manipulation system to transform the world around you
  • Play as one of 7 unique heroes, each with their own way of interacting with the terrain
  • Customise your hero with over 50 different costume combinations
  • Unlock more content as you progress!
  • Enjoy a Time Challenge mode, Match Arena mode, new costumes, and so much more
Georifters - Multiplayer
Image Credit – Busy Toaster Games

Release Date & Price

Georifters is out right now on both PlayStation 4 and Steam! It’s available for £24.99 on the PlayStation store, and £14.99 on Steam.

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