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Surreal Horror Game, My Beautiful Paper Smile, Leaves Early Access Today

Developed by Two Star Games and published by V Publishing, the indie horror title My Beautiful Paper Smile is finally leaving Steam Early Access today with a slew of new content.

My Beautiful Paper Smile, the “surreal hand-drawn atmospheric chiller” has been in Steam Early Access for a year during which time it has garnered significant praise. With 95% of its 137 player reviews, it is safe to say that fans have thoroughly enjoyed it. Prior to today’s full release, developer Two Star Games had released three chapters for My Beautiful Paper Smile. Today marks the launch of the fourth and final chapter which will see the “trepidation filled” conclusion fans have been eagerly anticipating.

Image Credit – Two Star Games

You can check out its launch trailer here. If you’re looking for more horror games to play this October, feel free to check out our list of recommendations here.

What Is My Beautiful Paper Smile?

My Beautiful Paper Smile is a surreal horror game that puts the player in the role of a Joyous. The Joyous are children who have been kidnapped by the Authorities and forced to wear a mask bearing a perpetual smile on it. Should these children feel any other emotions, the mad king who wants nothing but perfect children will dispense of them. Here is some of what players can expect:

  • Experience a surreal dystopian world brought to life through hand-drawn pencil art
  • Solve a series of challening puzzles as you explore the mysterious world
  • Use stealth to sneak by the Authorities and escape the facility
  • Encounter horrific monsters and choose whether to fight or flee
My Beautiful Paper Smile - Gameplay
Image Credit – Two Star Games

Release Date & Price

My Beautiful Paper Smile is available right now on Steam. It costs $14.99/£14.99 and will have a 25% discount during the upcoming Steam Halloween Sale.