Ikai Key Art

Ikai, The Japanese Horror Game, is Coming to Steam Next Fest

PM Studios and Endflame are proud to bring their first-person psychological horror game, Ikai, to Steam Next Fest this week.

Endflame is a relatively new developer based in Barcelona, Spain. Originating in 2019, Ikai will be the team’s first release as they aim to immerse players into a remarkable experience by bringing stories to life.

Ikai draws its inspiration from Japanese folklore, where your only defence against the dreadful demons is your ability to ward them off with mystical kanji. The game draws inspiration from the cult classics with a defenceless main character. There are no guns or swords. Rather, the player must tackle the horrors front on.

Ikai In-game Screenshot Creepy women standing over main character
In-game Screenshot

What is Ikai?

Rumours are spreading throughout the village that evil creatures are getting closer and closer to humans. It’s thought that a new demon has arrived in the underworld, and he’s looking for a way into the world. This situation requires a priest. Therefore, the shrine — usually watched over by the priest — is left under the control of the priestess, Naoko.

Unfortunately, the town’s fears haven’t reached the shrine, so Naoko moves along with her life without a worry in the world. One night, Naoko leaves the shrine to get to the river before it gets dark. As she ventures through the dark forest, monsters take shape around her, and she soon loses consciousness. The shrine is no longer a sacred place; all Gods have gone, and the demons, ghosts and spirits have taken over.

Ikai Kanji writing In-game Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

Key Features

  • Experience the horror in first-person.
  • Uncover the the story behind Naoko and explore a feudal Shinto shrine
  • Draw protective Kanji seals to protect against Japanese spirits, monsters and yokais.
  • Complete puzzles
  • Do not disturb the evil

Ikai is coming to PC in January 2022. Endflame plans to have digital and physical editions for consoles in the future, but you can check out the demo on Steam now.