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MW3 Zombies Mineflayer Guide: How to Get the Energy Mine Field Upgrade

The Energy Mine Field Upgrade is needed to complete the Mineflayer mission in MW3 Zombies. Here is how to get it and finish the task.

The Field Upgrades are abilities that players can equip to their loadout before deploying into a Zombies match. Of course, only one can be equipped at a time, but it’s important to bring the right one into battle. Below, we explain how to get the Energy Mine Field Upgrade to complete the Mineflayer mission in Act 1.

How to get the Energy Mine Field Upgrade in MW3 Zombies

The Energy Mine is a default Field Upgrade players receive when they start playing MW3 Zombies and is automatically unlocked. It is a powerful ability that, when activated, spawns a mine that explodes on contact, shooting energy into enemies. It’s effective against both Mercenaries and Zombies.

To use the Field Upgrade in a match, players must first charge it up. To charge it, you simply need to kill Zombies, as each kill contributes to your overall charge. While you can find Zombies all across the map, locations such as Infested Strongholds or Aether Nests are the best sources of getting them to appear.

Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Energy Mine
Energy Mine Field Upgrade, In-game Screenshot

How to Complete the Mineflayer Mission in MW3 Zombies

The Mineflayer mission requires 25 Zombies and 15 Mercenaries killed with the Energy Mine Field Upgrade. Now that players know the best way to charge up the ability, getting the kills is the next step. To kill 25 Zombies, you can farm the exfil area for spawns by calling in an exfil but not leaving.

The task of killing the 15 mercenaries may take a little longer, but there are locations on the map to speed up the process. You can start any Aether Extractor contract, go to Mercenary Camps, or purchase a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard for 2000 Essence and raid one. All three options provide good numbers of Mercenary enemies to appear. After the Energy Mine is used, backtrack to an exfil and kill Zombies to charge the Field Upgrade, rinse, and repeat to finish the mission.

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