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MW3 Zombies Hands Off Guide: How to get a Sentry Gun

To complete the Hands Off mission in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies, you must use a sentry gun. Here is how to get your hands on it.

The new Zombies mode in Call of Duty: MW3 features unique missions with tasks to complete. Each one progresses the story as well as rewards players with in-game items. The Hands Off mission is in the Tier 5 missions for Act 1. It requires defeating both mercenaries and zombies with a Sentry Gun. While getting the kills is simple enough, finding the Sentry Gun can be hard. Below, we explain how to easily get one to finish the mission.

MW3 Zombies Sentry Gun Location

The Sentry Gun can be purchased from a Buy Station in the Tier 2 zone for 2000 Essence. You can also get the Sentry Gun in the Tier 1 zone as a reward for completing different contracts. However, this is completely random, and you won’t be guaranteed to get one.

While the middle difficulty zone can be dangerous to trek around in, players simply just need to save up enough Essence and head to the shopping cart logo on the map. That is the logo of a buy station, and the player can buy as many Sentry Guns as they can hold in the rucksack. Of course, if you try and complete as many contracts as soon as the match begins before heading to the Tier 2 zone, you may get a Sentry Gun without needing to buy one.

Player looking at Sentry Guns in MW3
In-game Screenshot

Where to find the Cyphered Tablet in MW3 Zombies

The Cyphered Tablet is dropped by either Mercenaries or Zombies after completing the previous mission requirements. Zombies can be easily defeated with a Sentry Gun no matter where it is placed, as they consistently spawn throughout the map.

In terms of defeating the ten Mercenaries, players can easily venture to a Mercenary Camp or start an Aether Extractor contract to guarantee spawns of the human enemies. Lastly, a Mercenary Stronghold is another option to guarantee kills with the Sentry Gun and finish the mission even faster.

That is how to find the Sentry Gun and complete the Hands Off mission in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies. Players wanting to know more about the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here.