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MW3 Zombies Interceptor Guide: How to Find & Destroy Mercenary Convoy

Players will need to locate and destroy the Mercenary Convoy to complete the Tier 2 mission Interceptor in MW3 Zombies (MWZ). Here’s how to do it.

The new MW3 Zombies mode can be quite challenging, requiring you and your squad to roam an open-world map completing missions while surviving as long as you can. One such mission is Interceptor, which tasks you with taking down a Mercenary Convoy. However, these can be tricky to find, let alone destroy. Fortunately, below, we’ve explained exactly how to find them and the best ways to defeat them.

MW3 Zombies Mercenary Convoy Location

The Mercenary Convoys appear randomly on main roads in MW3 Zombies and can be located on your tac-map via the icon of three red trucks. The Mercenary Convoys tend to spawn more frequently in Threat Zone Two, in our experience. While you will find 3 trucks in the Mercenary Convoy, you only need to destroy 1 of them to complete the Interceptor mission.

Don’t confuse the Convoy with regular armored trucks, which you can also find driving around the map. Armored trucks come in groups of 1, whereas the Mercenary Convoys needed for the Interceptor mission come in groups of 3.

The location of the Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies
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How to Destroy the Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies

To destroy the Mercenary Convoy and get the Mercenary Stronghold Keycard, you must kill all of the enemies inside the Convoy vehicles. The easiest way to do this is to follow them in a vehicle and use it to block off their escape. Then, find cover and pick off each mercenary one by one. It’s much easier to do it with a group, so make sure to gather your squad before attempting to take the Convoy down, as it is incredibly difficult and much tougher than the zombies you’ve been facing.

Only one of the Mercenaries has the Stronghold Keycard, and you’ll be notified by a message on the side of your screen when it is dropped. You’ll just need to go pick it off of their dead body to officially claim it. If you can’t find it, its exact location will be shown on your tac-map.

That’s everything you need to know about taking down the Mercenary Convoy in MW3 Zombies. Make sure to check out our Games Hub for the rest of our MW3 guides.

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