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MW3 Zombies Essence of Aether Guide: All Essence Sample Locations

Essence of Aether is in Act 2 of MW3 Zombies and tasks players with finding Essence Samples. Here’s where to find them.

Each mission in the Call of Duty MW3 Zombies mode features different tasks for players to complete. They’re worth completing, as not only will you progress the story, but you’ll also receive a number of fantastic rewards. In the case of the MW3 Zombies Act 2 mission, Essence of Aether, to get your well deserved rewards you’ll need to locate samples of Essence. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to do. Below, we have the locations where they can be found.

Where Are the Sample locations in MW3 Zombies?

The Essence Samples in MW3 Zombies are at Quadri Shopping Center in Zaravan City, Rostova Shops at Levin Resort, and Hamza Bazaar at Hadiqa Farms. While the locations are easily found, it is recommended that players have a vehicle handy. Also, as the Levin Resort is a Tier 2 Threat Level, you should Pack-A-Punch a weapon as a safeguard.

While the Sample placements may differ for each player participating in the mission, the images below are their area locations on the map. The containers are easy to spot as they look different from the Mercenary and Aether crates. Additionally, it may be best to bring people in to help search, as well as use the Death Perception perk as it highlights crates within the player’s immediate area.

Quadri Shopping Center

MW3 Zombies Quadri Shopping Center Location
Quadri Shopping Center, In-game Screenshot

Rostova Shops

MW3 Zombies Rostova Shops
Rostova Shops Location, In-game Screenshot

Hamza Bazaar

MW3 Zombies Bazaar Location
Hamza Bazaar Location, In-game Screenshot

That is all of the locations for Essence Samples and how to complete Essence of Aether in MW3 Zombies. Players wanting more info on either Call of Duty: MW3 or MW3 Zombies can check out our Guide Hub for the game here.

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