PEG-E Event Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go: When is the Next PEG-E Event?

PEG-E Events are one of the most enjoyable events in Monopoly Go, and for good reason. Here is everything we know about the next event.

Monopoly Go constantly has tournaments and events refreshing daily, with many rewards containing the coveted Wild Sticker. The Peg-E minigame is one such event that provides players with all the rewards they need in a fun, enjoyable way. This pachinko-inspired minigame involves players dropping Peg-E tokens into a machine, hoping the ball lands in the most valuable slots. Every token dropped earns straightforward rewards, such as Dice Rolls and Cash, and goes towards larger cumulative prizes.

When is the Next PEG-E Event in Monopoly Go?

The next PEG-E Event in Monopoly Go will start on March 23. These events tend to last 5 days, so players will have plenty of time to earn a Wilder Sticker and complete their Sticker Albums before Making Music arrives.

The last PEG-E Event was between March 1 – March 6, and players could earn a Wild Sticker by completing the second page. You can check out all the previous rewards here.

Previous PEG-E Event Details

There have been quite a few PEG-E events in Monopoly Go, and here are all the prior events and their durations. As you can see, we are a little overdue for the next one.

Peg-E Event Start DateDuration
March 01, 20245 days
February 16, 20245 days
January 30, 20245 days
January 16, 20244 days
December 24, 20235 days
November 27, 20234 days

That’s everything you need to know about upcoming Peg-E events in Monopoly Go. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more articles on the game. Also, you can’t get anywhere without Dice rolls, so you can find extra dice via our article with all the free dice links.