Monopoly Go Shamrock Shenanigans

Monopoly Go: Shamrock Shenanigans Event Rewards & Levels

Shamrock Shenanigans is the latest Monopoly Go event, and here are all the rewards and levels available for players.

Every few days, Monopoly Go holds events where players can earn thousands of dice rollsStickers, and cash. Shamrock Shenanigans is the latest event for Monopoly Go, and you can score points by landing on Chance, Community Chest, and Utility tiles. Here are all the rewards for the Monopoly Go Shamrock Shenanigans event.

All Monopoly Go Shamrock Shenanigans Tournament Rewards & Levels

The Monopoly Go: Shamrock Shenanigans event has 41 levels of rewards for you to claim in 48 hours, with the event finishing on March 15, 2024 (March 16 in Australia/NZ). There are 15,975 dice rolls, 10 Sticker packs, bonuses, and cash rewards. Here is the complete list of all the rewards for the Monopoly Go: Shamrock Shenanigans event.

LevelRequired PointsRewards
1301-Star Green Sticker Pack
24025 Dice Rolls
345Cash Rewards
4175100 Dice Rolls
55010 Minutes of Cash Grab Boost
6551-Star Green Sticker Pack
765Cash Rewards
8400230 Dice Rolls
970Cash Rewards
10901-Star Green Sticker Pack
11100Cash Rewards
12800400 Dice Rolls
1312515 Minutes of Rent Frenzy Boost
141502-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
15175Cash Rewards
161200550 Dice Rolls
17175Cash Rewards
181803-Star Pink Sticker Pack
19200Cash Rewards
202000850 Dice Rolls
21220Cash Rewards
2237510 Minutes of High Roller Boost
23300120 Dice Rolls
241500Cash Rewards
25400150 Dice Rolls
266504-Star Blue Sticker Pack
278005 Minutes of Cash Boost
2840001,500 Dice Rolls
291000Cash Rewards
3015004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
311700Cash Rewards
3280002,850 Dice Rolls
33200020 Minutes of High Roller Boost
342200Cash Rewards
3524005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
362800800 Dice Rolls
377000Cash Rewards
383000900 Dice Rolls
3940005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
405000Cash Rewards
4117,0007,500 Free Dice Rolls
5-Star Purple Sticker Pack

That’s everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go Shamrock Shenanigans rewards and levels. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more articles on the game.