Road to Riches Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go: Road To Riches Rewards & Levels

Road To Riches is the latest Monopoly Go event, and here are all the rewards and levels available for players.

Every few days, Monopoly Go holds events where players can earn thousands of dice rolls, Stickers, and cash. Road to Riches is the latest event for Monopoly Go, and you can score points by landing on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles. This event also appears right in the middle of the current PEG-E Prize Drop Event, so players will earn Tokens from the rewards.

All Monopoly Go Road To Riches Event Rewards & Levels

The Monopoly Go: Road To Riches event has 50 levels of rewards for you to claim in 48 hours, with the event finishing on March 25, 2024 (March 26 in Australia/NZ). There are Dice Rolls, Sticker packs, bonuses, cash rewards, and Tokens for the PEG-E Prize Drop Event. Below is the complete list of all the rewards for the Monopoly Go: Full Bloom event.

LevelRequired PointsRewards
125One-Star Sticker Pack
220Five PEG-E Tokens
34025 Dice Rolls
4458 PEG-E Tokens
515090 Dice Rolls
64015 Minutes of Rent Frenzy
75010 PEG-E Tokens
855One-Star Sticker Pack
965Cash Rewards
10375220 Dice Rolls
116015 PEG-E Tokens
1275Cash Rewards
1390One-Star Sticker Pack
148020 PEG-E Tokens
1510010 Minutes of Cash Grab
16850475 Dice Rolls
1710025 PEG-E Tokens
18110Cash Rewards
1912050 Dice Rolls
2011535 PEG-E Tokens
211,300700 Dice Rolls
22150Three-Star Sticker Pack
23160Cash Rewards
2417550 PEG-E Tokens
25200Cash Rewards
262,000900 Dice Rolls
27275Four-Star Sticker Pack
2830010 Minutes of High Roller
2932570 PEG-E Tokens
30400100 Dice Rolls
311,600Cash Rewards
32450150 Dice Rolls
3350085 PEG-E Tokens
34650Cash Rewards
357505 Minutes of Cash Boost
364,5001,800 Dice Rolls
37800100 PEG-E Tokens
38900Cash Rewards
391,000Four-Star Sticker Pack
401,500Cash Rewards
4110,0003,500 Dice Rolls
421,600Five-Star Sticker Pack
431,70020 Minutes of High Roller
441,800120 PEG-E Tokens
457,000Cash Rewards
462,000800 Dice Rolls
473,000Five-Star Sticker Pack
483,500150 PEG-E Tokens
494,000Cash Rewards
5017,5007,500 Dice Rolls

That’s everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go Roads to Riches event rewards and levels. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more news and articles on the game, especially our guide for the Sunset Treasures dig minigame event.