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Lucy Dreaming, A Pixel-Art Point and Click Comedy, is Now on Kickstarter

Lucy Dreaming, a classic pixel-art point & click comedy, is now available to pledge on Kickstarter. If you enjoy the classic LucasArts adventures, this should definitely be on your radar.

The game currently sits with over 300 backers and looks certain to make its goal of £15,000. It only cost £12 to help support the game, but there is an abundance of other pledges if you are looking to get involved. Tall Story Games are also offering backers the chance to appear in the game as pixel-art NPCs as well as a host of other rewards, including a Deluxe Collector’s Box, a retro USB cassette and hand-drawn concept art.

If you aren’t quite certain the game is for you, you can check out the short demo on Steam and now. You have until the 26th of May to make your mind up. Check out the Kickstarter page here.

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What is Lucy Dreaming?

In Lucy Dreaming, you play as none other than Lucy. She is a young girl with a sharp wit and a recurring nightmare that leads your adventure between dreams and reality. You’ll be taken on a wild ride through unusual environments, colourful characters and unique puzzles.

Lucy Dreaming aims to bring the golden age of classic 90s point & click adventure games back to your living room. It offers a deep, rich narrative, stunning pixel art, satirical humour, and a whole lot of Easter eggs.


  • Discover a wide variety of detailed dreams and real-world locations.
  • Enjoy a cast of strange characters, including a giant duck with a bread problem
  • Gorgeous environments
  • Witty comments on almost anything you can put your cursor on
  • Hidden Easter eggs
  • Pop culture references
  • English voice acting

Lucy Dreaming is now available on Kickstarter until the 26th of May, and the demo is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android on Steam,, and the Google Play Store.