Barney's Dream Cruise Key Art
Barney's Dream Cruise Key Art

Barney’s Dream Cruise: Point, Click And Laugh – PC Review

The point-and-click adventure genre is one I find myself holding mixed feelings for. While I have fond memories as a kid playing Putt-Putt and Myst, there are games like Monkey Island and Machinarium that I found to be a bore and fail to hold my interest. For every Grim Fandango that I strived to enjoy but couldn’t commit, there is a Night in the Woods that had me fully invested, eager for my next playthrough. Barney’s Dream Cruise did not quite leave me waiting to play it again, but I’ve already suggested it to everyone on my Steam friends list.

Barney is a hound dog whose idea of a dream cruise is to get some alone time with his good friend Donnie the rabbit. Unfortunately, Michael, the fox has already purchased two tickets and plans to surprise Donnie on his birthday. Naturally, it’s up to you to help Barney knock out the competition and acquire those tickets. Be prepared to get into and witness some questionable antics.

“Barney’s Dream Cruise does a great job of telegraphing and constructing its puzzles.”

Barney’s Dream Cruise reeks of nostalgia, managing to look, sound, and feel both childish and unsettling. That might come off as a bad thing, but I assure you it is part of the experience’s charm. Below the surface is a small world with a great level of detail that manages to avoid feeling exhausting as you click your way through the story, other people’s property, and raunchy jokes. Barney’s brand of toilet humour manages to expertly push the line while leaving you curious about just how much further it will go.   

Barney's Dream Cruise Key Art
In-game Screenshot

Barney’s Dream Cruise does a great job of telegraphing and constructing its puzzles. While a few of the puzzles stalled my progress for a moment, trying different combinations of items or searching the map made the answers obvious. I did find myself stuck twice, but thankfully the game comes with a well-written walkthrough, so I was able to laugh at my oversights before getting back to helping Barney accomplish his dirty deeds. I never felt that a solution was nonsensical, and in the roughly two hours it took me to complete, the game never lost my attention. 

At $2.99 and currently 50% off until the 18th of April, Barney’s Dream Cruise is a great way to kill a few hours if you want a couple of laughs. Clicking on objects just to see what might occur is a joy and will leave you wanting more reveals in this slightly unhinged town. While the comedy might not be for everyone, the writing and gameplay hold up nicely, resulting in a witty, well-crafted story with a ton of heart.

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on PC. The developer provided the code.

Barney's Dream Cruise Key Art
Barney's Dream Cruise Review
Barney’s Dream Cruise offers a great level of detail, humour, and compelling puzzles. While the short story doesn't offer a lot of replayability, it is incredibly worth it for its low price.
Trash Humor
Puzzle Design
Very Affordable
Low Replayability
Short Story