A turret in Lethal Company

Lethal Company: How to Turn Off Turrets

Turrets are a deadly threat in Lethal Company and one that players will want to turn off as quickly as possible. Here’s how you do that.

As you move around each Facility in Lethal Company, you’re bound to encounter terrifying enemies. Whether it’s a hauntingly spooky Ghost Girl or the newly added festive-themed Nutcracker, Lethal Company has a lot of monsters to throw at you. But there are not just monsters to deal with, as players will also need to contend with turrets. Fortunately, these can be disabled, albeit not forever. Below, we explain how to turn off turrets in Lethal Company.

How to Turn Off Turrets in Lethal Company

You can disable turrets in Lethal Company via the computer on the ship. To turn them off, type the name of the turret into the computer commands. This will switch them off for a short period of time, long enough for your teammates to sneak past and grab the loot. However, you cannot permanently turn off turrets in Lethal Company. The turret will eventually turn back on, at which point you’ll need to disable it again. Fortunately, the player who has taken the role of Operator, or the one who stays behind on the ship to direct the other players, can see what is happening with each turret and act accordingly.

The ship computer in Lethal Company

If you can’t disable a turret from the ship’s computer, then you can avoid them by other means. Firstly, each turret has to charge up before it fires, giving you a short window of time when you can run past it. Alternatively, you can test a turret’s range to see how far away from it it will register you. Finally, hitting the turret will force it to shoot straight ahead, allowing you to move by while it’s distracted.

That’s everything you need to know about turrets in Lethal Company. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.

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