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LEGO Fortnite: Can You Repair Tools?

LEGO Fortnite’s durability system means that players’ tools are constantly being broken. So, can you repair them to fix this problem?

In LEGO Fortnite, you’ll need to craft tools to gather more resources and weapons to fend off enemies. Unfortunately, they have the bad habit of breaking when you least expect it, thanks to the game’s durability system. It’s not uncommon to see this mechanic in survival crafting games, as it appears in games like Terraria and Minecraft. However, it’s annoying some players in LEGO Fortnite and making them want a way to repair their tools. Below, we explain if you can repair your weapons in LEGO Fortnite.

Can You Repair Tools in LEGO Fortnite?

No, you cannot repair tools in LEGO Fortnite. There is no way to improve tool durability, and you will need to craft new ones once they break. This also applies to weapons, which similarly cannot be repaired. This is how most survival crafting games do it, encouraging you to continually search for new materials to craft new and better tools.

Fortunately, Epic Games is aware that players aren’t happy with the low weapon and tool durability. When the game first launched, there were so many complaints about it that Epic Games released a hotfix to address it and so much more. Weapon and tool durability has been increased by 30%, allowing you to continue using them for much longer. However, they haven’t added a way of repairing weapons or tools and likely won’t.

Prior to the hotfix, there was a glitch that allowed players to repair their tools and weapons by placing them in a chest and then breaking the chest. The dropped tools’ durability would then be fully restored. However, this new hotfix has completely removed this glitch, and players can no longer repair their tools and weapons this way.

That’s everything you need to know about repairing your tools in LEGO Fortnite. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.

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