Sonic Toys Party Mobile Gameplay Screenshot

Leaked Gameplay of Mobile Sonic Game Has Surfaced Online

Brand-new Sonic gameplay has surfaced online, revealing a battle royale experience players can look forward to on mobile devices.

Multiple users have released leaked footage of a rumored mobile Sonic Toys Party game online. It features a cute art style and a fun online experience for users to dive into on their mobile devices, including iconic loop-de-loops and Sonic-style obstacle courses.

Leaked Gameplay Trailer of Sonic Toys Party

What is Sonic Toys Party?

Sonic Toys Party is allegedly a free-to-play mobile game where players enjoy a fast-paced battle royale experience similar to Fall Guys with Sonic the Hedgehog and other characters from the franchise. There is speculation that the upcoming game could be part of SEGA and Rovio’s partnership as they have been seen recently collaborating. This could potentially feature the beloved Angry Birds characters; however, this is just speculation.

Rumors also suggest that Sonic Toys Party will feature 32-player matchups for the fast-paced battle royale experience. Much like Fall Guys, this would most likely be a live service game. Players will be able to unlock cosmetics, costumes, and emotes for Sonic characters and other SEGA IP characters, such as Persona characters with in-game currency.

Sonic Toys Party Mobile Gameplay Screenshot
Sonic Toys Party Gameplay Screenshot

When is Sonic Toys Party Releasing?

There is currently no confirmed information for when Sonic Toys Party will be released. However, it is rumored that the mobile game could launch sometime in 2024. Although this footage has only recently surfaced, according to Midori on X (Formally Twitter), the “Sonic Fall Guys video is from an early development build dated almost a year ago.” Considering their history of accurate leaks, Sonic fans could start preparing themselves for a new potential mobile game.

That’s everything you need to know about the leaked Sonic Toys Party and remember to take all of this with a grain of salt until there is confirmed information.