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Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization Needs Your Support On Kickstarter

Solo developer Erik Rempen has launched a Kickstarter project for their upcoming roguelite village-builder Kainga: Seeds of Civilization.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a roguelike village-building title by self-taught solo game designer, Erik Rempen. The Kickstarter project, launched today, is intended to help raise additional funds to “add a layer of professional polish to the music and UX/UI design”. It is also intended to allow for additional enhancements to be made to the overall gameplay experience. So far, the campaign has raised £1,168 across 40 backers out of a £10,581 goal. There are 31 days left to go. Erik spoke about how close they are to bringing Kainga: Seeds of Civilization to completion, and how they look forward to sharing the process with fans.

“I am excited to finally be able to launch the Kickstarter campaign for Kainga […] It has been a dream of mine for almost three years and today I can see that dream coming to life. With your support, I will be able to bring Kainga over the finish line and share this wonderful experience with the ever growing community and fans around the world”.

Erik Rempen

What Is Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization?

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a roguelite village-builder in which players will take on the role of the leader of the village, the Thinker. As the Thinker, players will need to make difficult choices to help their village grow and flourish. While your citizens are expendable, should the Thinker die, you’ll lose. Kainga: Seeds of Civilization focuses on shorter play sessions, with challenges lasting no more than 30 to 60 minutes, which is not unlike the outstanding city-builder, The Colonists. As the location is constantly changing, thanks to the procedural generations, each challenge will feel fresh and diverse. Here is some of what you can expect if you back Kainga: Seeds of Civilization:

  • Utilise the “Thinker skill tree” to research integral technologies, construct new buildings, create festivals and more
  • Make use of your ever-changing environment and keep an eye on your dwindling resources
  • Battles against the elements, natural disasters, warring villages and the native beasts that roam the land
  • Train soldiers to keep your village safe from invaders. Use your technologies to improve your soldier’s weapons, and help tame the native beasts
  • Unlock new technology, biomes and challenges at the end of each and every run
  • Earn Karma points as you play to purchase new structures and unique Thinkers to test out their unique traits and playstyles
  • Survive in the midst of giant beasts that roam the lands destroying everything in their wake. Learn to live with them, or attempt to tame them to further expand your village
  • Choose from a variety of personalisation options to alter your playstyle before you dive in

Release Date & Price

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization’s Kickstarter is available right now. If you head on over there, you can pledge your support for the next 31 days. To get a copy of the game, your name in the credits, beta access and a discord title you’ll have to pledge £11/$15 for the Village Brave tier. If you’re feeling a little more generous, then you can pledge £706/$1,000 for the Leviathan Tamer tier which lets you design your own Leviathan, plus nets you a sweet art book, the game’s soundtrack, the game and beta access. Will you be supporting Kainga: Seeds of Civilization? Let us know down in the comments below.