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Golfie, the Rogue-lite Deckbuilding Mini-Golf Game, is Heading to Steam

Danish developer Triheart Studio has announced that their debut title, Golfie, will be a rogue-lite deckbuilding title centred around mini-golf.

The rogue-lite genre has grown a little stale over the past few years thanks to an influx of copycat titles. However, while there are surely those who are content copying, you’d be hard-pressed to find at least one developer who wouldn’t do their darndest to try and innovate. Enter duo developers Triheart Studio who want to combine traditional rogue-lite and deckbuilding gameplay with the wonderful game of mini-golf. Golfie, their debut title, is set to take the indie scene by storm with its creative combination of brilliant genres. The CEO of Triheart Studio, Sandra Fagerli, spoke a little bit about the unique nature of Golfie.

[Golfie is an] innovative and engaging mixture of genres that stands out […] [It is] a truly unique entry in the beloved roguelite category which has yet to see a spin on golf

Sandra Fagerli ~ Triheart Studio

You can watch the trailer for this eclectic title here.

What Is Golfie?

As hard as it may be to believe, Golfie is a rogue-lite deckbuilding mini-golf game. Players will attempt to complete all 18 holes which escalate in difficulty. To aid them on their way they’ll have a deck of cards that offer unique abilities. You’ll start off with 5 lives and a small deck of basic cards. Eventually, you’ll work your way to becoming the best mini-golfer with a bunch of cards presumably stuffed in their “tour bag” – apparently that’s what the thing you keep your golf clubs in is called – alive. Here is some of what you can expect in Golfie:

  • Beat all 18 holes across procedurally generated levels
  • Build the ultimate golfing deck featuring abilities such as magnetic fields that repulse or attract the ball and the power to teleport
  • Collect crystals and coins scattered across each map to buy additional cards with
  • Enjoy the element of risk and reward as you toy with completing the hole-in-one or collecting more coins

Release Date & Price

So far the release date for Golfie is “Coming Soon”. However, between the 20th of August and the 3rd of September 2021 you’ll be able to try out a free demo of Golfie. Head on over to its Steam store page to give it a whirl and wishlist the game while you’re there.

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