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How to Fix Custom Keybinds Issue in Fortnite

Players logging onto Fortnite have noticed a peculiar warning message about Custom Keybinds not saving. Here is how to fix the issue.

In Fortnite, players can customize their keybindings in order to tailor the experience for them. It allows those accustomed to a certain control scheme to play the game how they normally would. However, recently, when logging into Fortnite, players are receiving a warning message indicating that their Custom Keybinds are not saving. Below, we share how to work around this issue.

How to Fix Custom Keybinds Issues in Fortnite

To fix the issue, reset your custom keybinds back to default. Afterward, reconfigure the Keybind settings back to your preferred setup and save them. Finally, restart Fortnite to ensure the settings have been saved.

If the process does not work, try again to see if the Custom Keybinds have been applied. As the LEGO Fortnite mode and regular Battle Royale are both receiving the issue, apply the above process to your control scheme within the LEGO mode to save on time. This is the only workaround for the issue until Epic Games pushes out a hotfix to correct the problem.

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What Is Custom Keybinding in Fortnite?

Custom keybinding allows players on both consoles and PCs to map out actions to specific button layouts. Instead of using the preset buttons that the game provides, some may choose to have their attack button be different, such as the X button on PlayStation or the Y button on Xbox.

The setting is very popular for accessibility and allows players to experience the game with an input setup they are comfortable with. Many companies have even created hardware that allows for it, such as Sony’s Dualsense Edge and Microsoft’s Elite Controller on Xbox, allowing for button mapping. Therefore, as the issue does not allow for the settings to save, it has become a problem for many users.

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