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How to Do the Duplication Glitch in Palworld

Players can use a duplication glitch in Palworld to get an unlimited supply of resources. Here’s how you pull it off.

In Palworld, crafting is the most critical aspect, and players must decide what they need to save specific resources for, as it can be a long journey to find more. However, with a duplication glitch, players can create an almost endless supply of needed items by duplicating them. Fortunately, players have discovered a duplication glitch in Palworld. Below, we explain exactly how to pull this glitch off.

How to Do the Duplication Glitch in Palworld

The duplication glitch can be done by storing specific materials, using a build recipe that requires those materials, building the item just outside the base, and quickly canceling the building project to receive more resources back. This glitch is quite easy to pull off, and you won’t risk losing any items in the process. Below, we’ve detailed the exact steps for pulling off this glitch:

  1. Store the material you wish to duplicate into chests within your base limits.
    • It is important to remember that no materials can be in your inventory.
  2. Head to the border of your base. A glowing blue color identifies it.
  3. Move your character into position so you are about to cross the boundary.
  4. Select a building recipe that needs the resources you want to duplicate.
  5. As you move over the blue border, begin building the chosen project.
  6. Quickly reopen the build menu and cancel the construction project.
  7. Navigate to your inventory and grab the materials that were refunded. They will be duplicated in stacks.
  8. Take the duplicated resources (double the original stock) and store them within the storage at the base.
  9. Repeat the process above for duplicating the items of your choice.
Palworld building menu
Build Menu, Image Credit – GTX Gaming

It is important to note that switching out the targeted materials for duplication is vital, as the intended resource needs to be in base storage. Additionally, the glitch only works for duplicating materials; therefore, ensure that the rare ones are done first. Lastly, this glitch will likely be patched very soon, so it is best to try it immediately.

Now that you know how to duplicate materials in Palworld, make sure to head to the Guide Hub for more information on the game.


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