Palworld: How to Find & Get Wheat Seeds

Wheat Seeds are a simple but helpful resource that can be hard to find in Palworld. Fortunately, we’re here to make it easier.

Wheat Seeds are a crucial resource in Palworld as it is required to craft a Wheat Plantation. Crafting the Wheat Plantation further upgrades your food production and proceeds to level up your base. Access to Wheat also allows you to make more recipes for you to use. However, Wheat Seeds may be hard to find if you’re not looking in the right places. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Below, we outline how to gather Wheat Seeds in Palworld.

How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld

To obtain Wheat Seeds in Palworld, you can purchase them from Wandering Merchants for 100 Gold. Alternatively, you can defeat or catch any of the following five Pals: Flopie, Bristla, Cinnamoth, Robinquill, and Dinossom. These are the only Pals that currently drop Wheat Seeds. When these Pals are defeated, they can drop Wheat Seeds and other additional resources. It’s worth noting that some of these are higher-level Pals. Ensure you’re at a high enough level before going against them.

Dinossom, In-game screenshot

Dinossom is among the most helpful when gathering Wheat Seeds, as this Pal solely drops Wheat Seeds. Additionally, if Dinossom is captured, you also have the option to butcher it using the Meat Cleaver. Doing this will allow you to gather additional Wheat Seeds. However, you’ll need to be at least level 12 to unlock the Meat Cleaver.

Where to Find Pals That Drop Wheat Seeds in Palworld

If you have already come across Flopie, Bristla, Cinnamoth, Robinquill, and Dinossom, then your Paldeck will reveal their location. However, if you’re struggling to find them, don’t worry. Below, we outline exactly where you can find them in Palworld.


Dinossom is found in the early game woodland areas and other widespread areas in Palworld, such as the Windswept Hills, East Island, Ice Wind Island, and the Sea Breeze Archipelago. The best way to go up against this Pal is in the starting areas because it is a significantly lower level than the other habitats Dinossom is found in. Although Dinossom will be at a lower level than the others found in Palworld, it is still very deadly.

In-game screenshot of Dinossom location.


Flopie is usually found in forest locations, but the Cinnamoth Forest and the Lake Center are the best places to look for this Pal. It should be noted that Flopie is a helpful Pal as it can do a lot around your Base, and once you hit level 17, you can craft a necklace for Flopie that allows it to be by your side without summoning it. This also will enable Flopie to gather materials for you as you explore Palworld; you may not want to defeat this Pal the second you see it but rather capture it for its helpful abilities.

In-game screenshot of Flopie location.


Bristla is mainly found in the central forest area in Palworld, but they have been seen in specific areas such as the Ancient Ritual Site. When going up against Bristla, using a Fire Element Pal would be beneficial, as Bristla is a Grass Element Pal, which is weak to Fire. However, you do not need to use a Fire Element Pal specifically when in combat with Bristla; rather, it makes fighting this Pal easier.

In-game screenshot of Bristla location.


Cinnamoth is found in multiple locations, but the Ancient Ruins and the Cinnamoth Forest are the best places to look. These colorful Pals are usually easier to go up against and are found in pairs of two to three. Although the Cinnamoth is a lower-level Pal, when provoked, they will begin to attack you, which can cause the other Cinnamoth in the pair to join. As you fight Cinnamoth, this can also trigger other nearby Pals to attack you; you must be prepared despite common Cinnamoths being a lower-level Pal.

In-game screenshot of Cinnamoth location.


Robinquill is found in the central forest area in Palworld, but they have been seen in specific areas such as the Hypocrite Hill fast travel point. It is a difficult Pal to go up against, not only because it is found in a higher leveled area but also due to its powerful move set. You’ll want to be at a high level before going up against Robinquill, and it may take a couple of goes to capture or defeat this Pal.

In-game screenshot of Robinquill location.

That’s everything you need to know about gathering Wheat Seeds in Palword. If you’d like more guides about Palworld just like this one, make sure to check out our Guides Hub.