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Palworld: How to Level Up Fast

Palworld has many different methods to level up as you explore its world full of colorful Pals, but which way is the fastest?

At the beginning of your Palworld experience, you’ll level up at an increasingly fast rate as you’re first starting. As you continue to level up your base and ultimately finish the tutorial, leveling up your character in Palworld becomes much slower. However, there is a selection of helpful methods to increase your level fast. If you’re struggling to decide which method is for you, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Below, we outline each method to level up fast in Palworld.

How to Level Up Fast In Palworld

The most effective method to level up fast in Palworld is to capture 10 Pals of the same species. This is due to the significant EXP bonus Palworld gives you each time you capture 10 Pals of the same species. The quickest way to use this method is first to catch the Pals in the starter area.

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Due to these Pals being a low level and overall easier to capture, you’ll get 10 of them very quickly as opposed to the higher level Pals in later areas. Although this is currently the most effective method for leveling up fast in Palworld, if you are looking for other methods, they are available. Below, we discuss each levelling-up method.

Increase EXP Rate

If you’d like to go through Palworld quickly and are willing to sacrifice some of the experience, you can increase the EXP Rate in the World settings menu before hopping onto your island. Changing this setting allows you to increase the rate up to 20x. It should be noted that this setting can be changed at any time. If you’d like to increase the EXP Rate for only a short time, that is possible in Palworld.

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Capture New Species

In addition to capturing 10 of the same Pals method, capturing new species of Pals in Palworld also gives you an EXP bonus. However, this will only happen once each time you catch a new species in your world. It will take a while to capture all the Pals in Palworld; this method will keep you occupied for some time.

Go Through Dungeons

Venturing through dungeons is an effective way to gain EXP in Palworld, as you also gain EXP from defeating Pals. Due to the amount of enemies you’ll be up against, you’ll need to be prepared for the dungeons, as it is a requirement for you to survive. This means dungeons will give you more EXP the further you go into them; the more enemies you defeat, the more EXP you will gain.

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That is every major EXP bonus you can get in Palworld. It should be noted that you are not limited to these methods, but rather, these are the most effective. If you’re looking for other methods to level up, below is a short list of other useful methods to level up in Palworld.

  • Complete Pal Box Missions.
  • Win Boss Fights.
  • Defeat Syndicate Members.
  • Protect your Base from Raids.
  • Gather Materials.
  • Craft items at your base.
  • Explore Palworld.

That’s everything you need to know about leveling up fast in Palworld. If you’d like to find more information like this, feel free to check out our Guides Hub.