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How Many Bases Can You Have in Palworld?

Expanding your base is an essential element of growth in Palworld, but questions are raised about how many you can have.

Building bases in Palworld allows players to create homes for themselves and their Pals to be safe from outside dangers. However, if players grow tired of seeing the same surroundings, they may want a change of scenery and a new base to match. Below, we explain how many bases you can create and maintain in Palworld simultaneously.

How Many Bases Can You Have in Palworld?

Players can have up to three connected bases connected to a Palbox. Technically, you can create as many bases as you want, but without a Palbox, you can’t generate passive materials from Pals or fast travel between them.

The first base you create will be at the beginning of the game, and a second and third base can be contrsutred when you reach level 10 and 15.

Palworld base Palbox
Palbox, Image Credit – PC Invasion

Where Can Bases Be Built in Palworld?

Bases in Palworld can be built anywhere, but players must be mindful of their construction space. Ultimately, you can maximize your base efficiency by building in an area with plenty of resources. Additionally, players must be aware of the climates in which they are working. If you choose to set up a base in a desert or snow biome, you must be prepared to have temperature-resistant clothes so you don’t die while attempting to finish the base.

That is everything to know about bases in Palworld and where you can make them. You can check out our Guide Hub for more articles on the game.


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