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How is Graves Alive in MW3?

Call of Duty: MW3 has a campaign focusing on stopping Makarov, but it looks like Phillip Graves is actually stealing the show.

The story within MW3 continues the trend of a fast-paced, darker narrative tone. Players are tasked to stop Konni Group leader Vladimir Makarov from igniting the world into war. However, during one of the operations, a familiar voice is heard. The notorious leader of Shadow Company, Phillip Graves, is revealed to be alive; we explain below how he makes his return.

This article contains spoilers for the MW3 campaign.

How is Phillip Graves alive in MW3?

Graves is alive in MW3 because he did not die in MW2. It was revealed that he was not in the tank that players destroyed in the mission known as “Ghost Team” in MW2. Players may remember the semi-boss fight where they must destroy the tank in the Shadow Company shooting range area. As the fight progresses, Graves taunts Task Force 141 more, and it’s believed he is inside. However, he was only broadcasting his audio from the tank and was elsewhere, surviving to fight another day.

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During the events of Season 5 of MW2, Farah and Alex team up with Graves as the Shadow Company leader warns them of the Konni Group’s invasion of Urzikstan, Farah’s home. In the intro to the season, the group meets and strikes a pact to fight against the Ultranationalist group. When Graves is asked how he isn’t dead, he responds, “Oh, I wasn’t in that tank.”

While there is not much else known about how Graves survived, it is a twist that many players did not see coming. Although Task Force 141 is aware of Graves’ return, many may be curious if they will work together and let the bygone be bygones or if they wish to settle the score.

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