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Helldivers 2: Guard Dog Vs Rover, Which Should You Choose?

Players can pick one of two trusty drone companions, the Guard Dog or the Rover, to take along to provide cover in Helldivers 2. But which is the better choice?

Helldivers 2 features many stratagems, but there are only two that actually follow the player around. The Guard Dog and Rover are flying AI-controlled drones that help take down bots and bugs for the player. They are helpful as they allow the player to focus on other enemies while they take down many rank-and-file foes. However, as only one can be on the player’s back, many are curious about the better option to take into battle. In the following guide, we go over which option is best so you can be prepared for your next helldive.

Is the Guard Dog or Rover The Better Option in Helldivers 2?

The “Guard Dog” Rover stratagem is a much better option than the standard Guard Dog variant in Helldivers 2. It doesn’t need to be resupplied with ammo, can take out multiple enemies at once, and is overall more effective. Although each can be good in its own right, the Rover version has some benefits over its Guard Dog peer, which we’ve broken down below.

The Rover is a laser weapon drone, and with that, players don’t have to worry about ammo, as this Stratagem has an infinite supply. Additionally, the laser works well against rank-and-file enemies like the Terminids as it does sweeping motions and can catch many doing so. The only reason the “Guard Dog” Rover has to retreat to the player’s backpack is for it to repair after taking too much damage. Otherwise, the laser drone will strike down enemies for the player without needing a reprieve.

Helldivers 2 rover stratagem screen
In-game screenshot

When it comes to the standard “Guard Dog,” it offers fewer benefits. Although the machine gun on the drone does much more damage than the laser, it has limited ammo usage. Additionally, unlike the Rover, once it runs out of all ammo in the backpack, it retreats into it and will stay there until a supply pack refills it. Furthermore, it will do the same if it takes too much damage, like the Rover. As a note, the laser does tend to cause more friendly fire than the selective firing of the machine gun drone; however, with the trade-off, the Rover is still the better option.

That is everything to know about using the “Guard Dog” Rover or the standard Guard Dog in Helldivers 2. If you found this guide helpful and want to learn more about the game, be sure to head to our Guide Hub.