Blade Assault

Blade Assault Leaves Early Access With A Heap Of New Content

Developer Team Suneat has announced that their roguelite platformer, Blade Assault, has left early access and been released on Steam today with a heap of new content for players.

What is Blade Assault?

Developed by Team Suneat and published by NEOWIZ the full 1.0 release marks not just the completion of the story but for more to come from the developers. Set in a cyberpunk world, devastated by a war, divided into three parts. A mutant-infested land, an undercity and a sky city called Esperanza filled with corrupt military and the rich and powerful. You the player will fight with resistance to take down a corrupt government with upgrades and abilities.

With the three playable characters – Kil, Jenny and Darcy. You will use their individual weapons, such as a chainsaw and chain-sickle, to fight the mutants and corrupt officials populating the planet. Additionally, you can earn over 100 items and more weapons and abilities to equip your characters with to tackle threats. Also, three new bosses (from a total of 7) have been added to test your combat skill. Alongside a friendship system that allows you to make friends with NPCs and earn rewards to tackle. Finally, the ending to the game has been added for those who want to know how the game will end.

Image Credit – Team Suneat

For the completionist or those that want more a hard mode called The Assault is for you. Constant waves of enemies keep coming which should challenge the best. With the developers updating the game with characters, bosses and weapons in future updates.

You can check out the game’s official release trailer here.

Release Date

Blade Assault is available right now. You can pick it up via its Steam store page here.