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Fortnite Save The World v25.30 Adds Raptor Wrangler Questline and Primal Weapon Set

Fortnite Save The World v25.20 introduces the Raptor Wrangler questline, alongside a new hero and primal weapon set.

Despite not being the most popular game mode, Fortnite Save The World is still receiving regular updates just like the battle royal counterpart. Fortunately, for those who are still playing it, there is plenty to look forward towards in the latest update. You can check out all the latest changes below:

Raptor Riding

The v25.30 update brings the Raptor Wrangler questline. Does this mean what you think it means? Yes, raptor riding is now in Save the World! Complete this questline to unlock the new Hero Prickly Patroller Ramirez, as well as a weapon in the new Primal weapon set. 

Wrangling a raptor sounds fun… but what do you do once you’ve captured one? Jump on for one heck of a ride, as now you can ride raptors in Save the World! Hold on, though, because while riding a raptor you’ll have the ability to perform extraordinarily high jumps.

New Hero and Weapons

Tip your caps and watch your fingers: Prickly Patroller Ramirez makes her debut in Save the World! Complete the new Raptor Wrangler questline — available from August 9 to September 5, 2023 — to earn the Prickly Patroller Ramirez Hero and the new Primal Shotgun.

Raptor Wrangler Questline

Complete the following questline to unlock Prickly Patroller Ramirez and the Primal Shotgun:

  1. Don’t Bite the Band That Tames: Show that you are the ultimate raptor wrangler by taming two raptors.
  2. Raptor Rodeo: Prove you’re a real raptor riding pro by traveling 1000m on raptor-back.
  3. Ricochet Ranger: Eliminate 50 Husks while riding any wildlife to prove your mounted combat skills!

Prickly Patroller Ramirez

  • Standard Perk: Prickly
    •  Enemies that land melee attacks take 10 base damage.
  • Commander Perk: Prickly+
    • Enemies that land melee attacks take 15 base damage plus an additional base damage per second for seconds.

Primal Weapon Set

The Primal Shotgun is part of the new Primal weapon set. The Primal Pistol, Primal SMG, and Primal Rifle that are also in the set will rotate into the Event Store each week starting August 9.

  • Primal Shotgun – Available From Completing Raptor Wrangler Questline
  • Primal Pistol – Available in the Event Store Starting August 9 at 8pm ET
  • Primal SMG  – Available in the Event Store Starting August 16 at 8pm ET
  • Primal Rifle – Available in the Event Store Starting August 23 at 8pm ET

Primal Weapon Perks

This Perk is intrinsic to all Fortnite Primal Weapons:

  • While a Primal weapon is held, wildlife will not attack you unless provoked.
    • Known Issue: If you attack an animal, all animals of that type will attack for the remainder of the mission. We’re working on a fix for this, so that only the animal you hurt and pack members in the immediate vicinity will turn on you.… and they feature a new set of Core Perks:
  • The weapon will deal +30% bonus damage to targets above 85% Health.
  • Eliminating a Mist Monster using a Primal weapon activates Frenzy, giving the player and their tamed pet 25% bonus move speed and attack speed for 12 seconds.
  • Eliminating enemies in seconds using a Primal weapon activates Frenzy, giving the player and their tamed pet 25% bonus move speed and attack speed for seconds.

Escort Cloaked Star and Quinn

Blasted Badland’s Hit the Road questline continues!

Keep on Hittin’ the Road in the next weekly Quest, available from August 9 at 8 PM ET to August 16 at 8 PM ET. Escort Cloaked Star in this Quest and earn the Thunder Thora Hero as a reward! 

“Bringing the thunder to the ground.”

The next Hit the Road Quest? Available from August 16 at 8pm to August 23 at 8pm, escort Quinn to earn Gold, Tickets, and a Loading Screen.

Event and Weekly Store

Redline Ramirez – August 16 at 8PM ET

“Revving beyond the limit.”
  • Standard Perk: Quick Scope
    •  Increases Sniper damage by 17%.
  • Commander Perk: Quick Scope+
    • Increases Sniper damage by 17% and fire rate by 45%.

Tactical Assault Sledgehammer – August 23 at 8PM ET

“Breach in 3, 2, 1…”
  • Standard Perk: Assault Crit Damage
    • Increases Assault Rifle and SMG critical damage by 75%.
  • Commander Perk: Assault Crit Damage+
    • Increases Assault Rifle and SMG critical damage by 225%

Surround Pound – August 9 At 8PM ET

A hammer with capable attack speed and excellent impact. Smash the ground with its Bass Drop ability to create a series of sonic pulses that damage and knock back enemies.

Bug Fixes

A number of Save the World bug fixes were included in the Fortnite v25.30 update, including:

  • Fixed an issue with the Storm Shield console that prevented players from seeing the user interface and menu on PC and Console.
  • Fixed an issue with the Back button and ESC buttons would not function properly in some menus like Batch Recycling.

You can check out the full blog post of the official Fortnite Blog.


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