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Fortnite Eminem Concert: When Is It & How to Watch It

Eminem seems to be taking the stage in the OG Season Finale for Fortnite. But when is it, and how can players watch it?

Fortnite has featured many collaborations and concerts over the years as the grand finales for their seasons. As the OG Season looks to end on December 2nd, a big concert finale featuring the famed rapper Eminem is planned. Players are curious about when precisely the concert is taking place and how they will be able to participate in it. Below, we provide information on what players can expect from this Fortnite concert.

When is the Eminem Concert in Fortnite

The Eminem Concert event will start during the Big Bang Finale of the OG Season on Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 2 pm ET/11 am PT/7 pm GMT/6 am AEDT (December 3). This has been officially confirmed by Epic Games themselves via a post on their Fortnite blog.

This is not the first time a musician has appeared in Fortnite. The first case of this happening was in 2019 when international DJ Marshmello took to the stage for an in-game set at Pleasant Park. It was an event that over 10 million players got to witness in-game. Since then, other artists like Travis Scott, The Kid Laroi, Ariana Grande, and more have begun to appear in the game.

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How to Watch the Eminem Concert Event in Fortnite

Players can attend the event by queuing through the Battle Royale tile in Discover 30 minutes before the start time on December 2, 2023. As with other finales and events, you simply need to select the Battle Royale tile under the Discover tab and then sit in the pre-game lobby until the event commences.

Back in 2021, when the Ariana Grande concert was in the game, players would also queue up for the concert just as with any Season Finale. Doing so had players sit in line to ensure they could attend the concert at different times throughout the weekend it was in the game.

That is everything we know currently on the Eminem Concert during the OG Season Finale in Fortnite. Players looking to know more about this season or the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here.

  1. Apparently fortnight stopped caring about the players iv tryed to understand the stupidity but can’t they new the mm event was going to be biger that any of the previous events yet once again I tryed the first the second and now the third event time and it still dos not work.im now contemplating delete the game and my epic account all together me and my freinds can try to play non epic game products for a year or two to see if they start to care.

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