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Exoprimal: Class and Customization Details

Exoprimal focuses on two things, the dinosaurs and the exosuits, and we have more information on one of those topics: the suits.

Our Exoprimal class guide will give you an idea of what to expect from each class, and help you to pick your favourite before the game launches.

Exoprimal - Cover Art
Cover Art, Image Credit – Steam

What Are The Exosuits in Exoprimal?

The suits in Exoprimal are what allow players the ability to combat the dinosaur hordes, and they come in different varieties known as “Variant Exosuits”. They are grouped into three roles: Assault, Tank, and Support.

Exosuit Roles

Assault: The assault group of exosuits focuses on the damage output of the team. They specialize in all ranges of attacks in order to defeat the hordes. The suits utilize weapons that are best suited to each scenario rather than only specializing in close or long-range.

Tank: Tanks specialize in taking enemy aggression away from their teammates. The suit builds are designed so that players can withstand more damage than their teammates.

Support: Support class exosuits are vital for every team as they have abilities that ensure the survival of everyone. The support helps to repair the damaged team members, providing buffs and debuffs. They are the essential healers of the group.

Exosuit Variant - Exoprimal
Deadeye Variant Exosuit, Image Credit – Steam

Exosuits and Variants

The variant exosuits help to provide a unique loadout that differs from the default class suits. As of now, only the Deadeye exosuit features a variant in Exoprimal at launch. Here is a list of the exosuits in Exoprimal:


  • Deadeye: The standard assault class exosuit.
    • It features a low-recoil assault rifle to combat threats, with a melee ability to repulse any enemy that gets close.
    • Burst Fire: A variant of the Deadeye exosuit, which features a shotgun that shoots a widespread spray when hip-fired. If players aim-down-sights, the weapon fires a five-shot burst.
  • Zephyr: The melee class of exosuits.
    • The class specializes in melee combat and doing damage in close quarters. However, the trade-off is that the class is lightly armored and will therefore take more damage than others. The suit has a set of tonfa weapons that help against the dinos.
  • Barrage: A class that also excels in close combat but with a twist.
    • Barrage exosuits use launchers that fire grenades and incendiaries, instead of blades and melee weapons.
  • Vigilant: The long-range assault class.
    • Sporting a sniper rifle and specializing in helping deal damage from afar.
Exoprimal - Combat Screenshot
Screenshot – Image Credit, Steam


  • Roadblock: The shield juggernaut class of Exoprimal.
    • This exosuit comes equipped with a shield in order to protect itself and the team. It comes with the ability to use a boost on the shield in order to push back all types of enemies.
  • Murasame: The exosuit resembles a samurai and its weapon of choice is a katana.
    • The Murasame specializes in both countering and blocking enemy aggression with the blade.
  • Krieger: The massive exosuit is the definition of a tank exosuit.
    • Kreiger uses a gigantic minigun to help mow down the hordes and alleviate enemy aggression from other players.
Roadblock Exosuit in action, Image Credit – Steam


  • WitchDoctor: The support exosuit that has high mobility and specializes in helping repair other damaged exosuits.
    • Besides giving buffs, the WitchDoctor suit can leap from teammate to teammate to provide aid as quickly as possible.
  • Skywave: The Skywave support suit has the ability to fly around in the air.
    • Avoiding most enemy attacks, the suit provides aid to the team by slowing enemy movement by trapping them in forcefields.
  • Nimbus: The most mobile suit of the Exoprimal support suits.
    • Nimbus specializes in both damage and support, featuring two modes that alternate between damage and healing teammates.
Support Exosuit, Image Credit – Steam

Exoprimal Rigs

Rigs in Exoprimal act as equipment that can add to a player’s loadout in battle. There are many options to choose from with one caveat, only one can be equipped at a time. Equipment is universal across all roles and exosuits, and can aid a player to fill vulnerabilities where their class is lacking. However, just like with exosuits, players can swap the rigs on the fly during a match.

  • Drill Fist: A piece of drilling equipment that can cause a powerful drill attack after being charged up.
  • Shield: An equipment option that allows players to deploy a shield to avoid attacks from the front. Possibly a good tool for those who prefer to use an assault class but still want protection as well.
  • Blade: Equipping this allows the player to throw a shuriken that causes an enemy to be paralyzed upon contact.
  • Cannon: The cannon equipment fires a long-range laser. A piece of equipment like this would work well in unison with a short-range class such as the Zephyr exosuit. Giving players both tactics to use close and long-range.
  • Aid: A small projectile that allows the healing of exosuits. Good for those who don’t have the means to heal but want to play it safe.
  • Catapult: A great tool for those who want more mobility. The catapult propels the player with a boost jump in the direction they are heading.
Exoprimal Screenshot - Capcom
Exosuits in Combat, Image Credit – Steam

Items To Craft in Exoprimal

During the matches, players are able to gather crafting resources known as chips. They appear on the battlefield throughout the match and are the currency used to craft items to assist players throughout the match.

  • Wall: An essential item for all players during a match. It is a barrier that can be placed anywhere that stops enemies from moving through it, blocking attacks as well. However, the team that placed it down can attack through their own wall.
  • Platform: A small platform that floats in the air when players stand on it. It provides a great advantage and is used best with the long-range assault exosuit, Vigilant.
  • Turret: A cannon that is placed that fires a laser and deals major damage to enemies. However, it runs on a timed interval to limit its use.
Exoprimal - Screenshot
Combat Screen, Credit – Steam

Customization in Exoprimal

There is good news for those looking to customize and accessorize. Exoprimal has a character customization feature that allows players to change their appearance, outfit, hairstyles, face paint, and much more to suit how they want to look.

Fortunately, characters aren’t the only thing that is customizable, players can also change the look of their exosuits. The colors of the exosuits can be changed, and weapons have skins, decals and charms for a personal touch. Exoprimal being in the third person allows players to take full advantage of customization.

Exoprimal - Screen
Screenshot, Credit – Steam

Exoprimal is heading to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on July 14, 2023.

It is launching on the Xbox Game Pass on launch day for subscribers of the service. It is available now to pre-order on all storefronts both digitally and physically.

If you want to check out more news and guides on Exoprimal, you can visit our guides hub here.


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