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What is Exoprimal’s File Size On Console and PC?

Exoprimal is quickly approaching its release and details about how big the file size on console and PC is available now.

Capcom’s newest venture, Exoprimal, looks to bring something new to the table. The online-only game is bringing a unique mix of fantastical settings with its PvPvE gameplay, and players can already see how much space the game will take up on their hard drives.

Steam Size - Exoprimal
Exoprimal Specs, Image Credit – Steam

What Is The File Size Of Exoprimal On PC?

Information on the game’s install size on PC storage has been released through the official game page for Exoprimal on Steam. Those playing on PC through Steam or Windows will need to allocate about 50GB of space on their computers in order to play the game at launch. A very respectable and average size for games in this generation.

Some games today, such as Starfield and Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, are commanding over 125GB and 150GB each. Seeing games still have such low install sizes is great because it gives players the opportunity to keep other games on their preferred platforms without having to worry about liquidating space or expanding the storage.

Story Screen - Exoprimal
Exoprimal Story Screen, Image Credit – Steam

What is The Exoprimal File Size On Consoles?

As of now, there is no official information on the game’s size on consoles. It is easy to assume it will be around the same size as it is on a PC. So, players can look to needing between 45-60GB of space on their consoles which is reasonable, considering the PS5 and Xbox Series X have about 700 GB of free space to install games.

Preload for Exoprimal should be expected to begin on July 12, 2023. Giving players two days head start to have the game ready for launch. The official console size will be known once the pre-loading period begins.

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